Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening of Hunza Story. Thank you! Your screening can be in a movie theatre, in a university, a community hall or a house party screening in your own home. Our goal is to make this film as accessible as possible and to provide you with the tools to make your screening fun, easy and successful. We want to see a new wave of community screenings this fall. 

PAYMENT MODEL If you are hosting a free event, we do not ask for a screening fee, but ask that you pay the cost of the DVD, which is $20 plus shipping and handling. You keep the DVD. Or you can use a download, for which we ask  $10 (fastest way, and reccommended for everyone – saves on shipping and is better for the environment). If you are hosting a public screening and charging for tickets, requesting donations for entry, or using the event as a fundraiser, we ask that you buy the film, and gift  a percentage of the ticket sales to us – we suggest 50/50.  If you have high venue costs you could bring this down to 35%. For more write to us

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